Tax bills are mailed in August and are now due biannually on the following dates October 1 and March 1.  Interest begins October 2 on the first half only.  Please call for the current amount due if paying after October 1.  There will be NO REMINDER NOTICES SENT – YOUR TAX BILL IS YOUR ONLY NOTICE. 

Any payment received is posted, deducting the current interest first and the remainder is applied to the principal, any balance is the principal amount which will accrue interest daily.  We accept postmark dates.

              Contact Newfield Town Office at 793-4348

              By mail: 637 Water Street, West Newfield, ME 04095

              Overnight: 637 Water Street, Newfield, ME 04056

2017 Real Estate Tax Bills
2017 Commitment Book-Name Order
2017 Commitment Book-Map and Lot Order
2017 Personal Property Tax Bills
2017 Personal Property Commitment book
2016 Real Estate Tax Bills
2016 Tax Bill Insert
2016 Real Estate Commitment Book
2016 Personal Property Tax Bills
2016 Personal Property Commitment Book
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2015 Personal Property Commitment Book
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2014 Real Estate Tax Bills
2014 Personal Property Tax Bills

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