Recycling Center

* The Recycling Center is open to donations of items that are safe, hygienic, and in working order

* Property owners with Transfer Station Stickers may take from or donate to the Recycling Center during regular hours of operation

*Items in the Recycling Center carry no guarantee and will be taken at one’s own risk

*Transfer Station attendants or Recycling Center volunteers have discretion to refuse items

* All items dropped off shall be deemed acceptable by the attendant

* Items in Recycling Center are NOT FOR RESALE

Items NOT Accepted

Clothing or Shoes
Stuffed animals
Fabric items (bedding, blankets, curtains)
Food, alcohol, beverages & cosmetics
Car seats
Overstuffed or upholstered furniture
Any items containing Freon
Electronic items (Tv’s, monitors, printers)
Hazardous materials, chemicals
Anything broken or missing parts

The Newfield Town OFFICE will be CLOSED to the PUBLIC
until April 7th @ 12:00. Due to COVID protocols...

Phones are being monitored and messages will be returned as soon as possible

The Limerick Town Office is authorized to run motor vehicle
and Inland Fishery transactions

Re-registrations can be done online
Link to Motor Vehicles- Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registrations (
Link to Inland Fisheries- Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Thank you for your patience