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Registrar of Voters

Justine Perkins, Registrar

Term of Office

The Board of Selectmen appoints the Registrar for a term of 2 years. The appointment is made January 1st of each odd numbered year. The Registrar appoints the deputies.

Registrar Responsibilities

The Registrar of Voters is responsible for compiling and maintaining a List of Voters for the town. Some of the duties include the following:

    • Adds and removes enrollment as required
    • Corrects names
    • Maintains a list of voters
    • Makes correction of addresses
    • Provides a list of voters for the polls on Election Day.
    • Provides the Town Clerk with current list of voters
    • Receives applications for voter registration
    • Removes names of voters who have moved or died
    • Sends confirmation cards to address of applicant
    • Checks names on petitions to verify voter residency
    • Checks records of the Assessor for changes of addresses
    • Checks the records of the Town Clerk for deaths and marriages (in the case of marriages, Registrar sends inquiry to voter for change of name and/or address)
    • Files all necessary reports with the Secretary of State
    • Holds office hours as long as the polls are open
    • Maintains a schedule of hours for registration and list maintenance
    • Must conduct a systemic purge at least once every five years (confirmation by mass mailings as prescribed by MRSA Title 21-A)
    • Notifies previous place of residence of applicant’s new voting residence
    • Registrar shall keep a record of changes for at least 2 years