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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer:
Norm Hutchins 207-608-2544
Office Hours: Tuesday from 2pm - 7pm and Thursday from 8am - 12 (noon) 

The Code Enforcement Officer will be out of the office starting Tuesday, September 12th and will return to the office Tuesday, September 26th.  

Responsibilities of Code Enforcement Officer

The Code Officer works with local residents, builders, and developers guiding them in proper residential and commercial construction that satisfies both local and state codes. The Code Officer can explain procedures, related codes, and ordinances through the review of applications, plans, and any related documents according to established guidelines.

The Code Officer administers the Zoning Ordinance and Building Codes for the Town of Newfield.

The department is also charged with the enforcement of the Shoreland Zoning, the State of Maine Internal Plumbing Rules, the State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules and Floodplain Management Ordinance. Each Ordinance has specific administrative procedures for the review of applications, inspections, and enforcement. 

In addition to the rules that we administer, we are also required to enforce dozens of other state and federal land use rules, regulations, and laws.

The Code Enforcement Officer also acts as the E-911 Addressing Officer.