Parker Appraisal Company (PAC) -Assessing Agents for the Town of Newfield-
will be visiting properties in town for our annual property assessment maintenance.
Work will start on May 23rd which includes visiting homes of property owners in town that
have pulled permits of any kind in recent years or
any property which have added structures without obtaining a permit.

Bob Gingras drives a white Subaru Outback (license plate PAC 1)
Tim Gingras drives a maroon Toyota Rav 4

Please reach out to the Town Office at or
by phone at 207-793-4348 if you have any questions.




The purpose of the assessing process is to ensure that all properties within the Town of Newfield are assessed fairly and in accordance with the Maine laws governing taxation.

The Town of Newfield uses the services of Parker Appraisal Company as our assessing agent. Parker Appraisal is the oldest Maine-owned re-valuation company in the State of Maine.  The company is owned and operated by Robert Gingras.

In the spring of each year, every property in Newfield is reviewed for changes. Our last complete town re-valuation was completed by Parker Appraisals for the 2015 tax year. Every year properties that apply for building permits or appear to have had work done are inspected. The Town of Newfield is assessed at 100%.

Assessments may be disputed and taxpayers may file for an abatement of taxes each year. The time period for written abatement filings are within 185 days of the commitment date. The commitment date is the date each year that the taxes are committed for collection to the Tax Collector, usually in August.