RSU #57

Line Elementary School: 793-4100 
Massabesic Middle School: 247-6121
Massabesic High School: 247-3141


The Newfield Library

•Weekly Tea Gathering
  Wednesdays at 3:00 pm Join friends and neighbors for tea, cookies & conversation

•Book borrowing
  Books can be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time and can be renewed for additional time.
  A book drop off box is located at the front of the building for after hours drops.

•Book sales

  Internet access available
  Printing is .25 cents per page

•Videos & Audio
  Adult, Teen, Children movies available on DVD and VHS
  Audio books available on CD’s and cassettes
  Shelves are available to display local towns people collections

Hours: Same as Town Office (see Home page)

Telephone Number – 207-809-7014

The burn pit at the Transfer Station
will be open this weekend
Closed on Wednesdays


South Effingham Road
is currently closed (not a thru way)
due to the soft road conditons